Six Nations Fashion Style and Clothing.

At Retrorugby® we have a passion for rugby. Our mission is to revive the legends of sport through Vintage sportswear. Therefore, now that we are immersed in a new edition of the legendary tournament of the six nations, we present our collection of rugby polo shiirts inspired by the tournament teams that made history.

The rugby polo shirt is a timeless product that is always fashionable. People used to wear them 30 years ago at university and you can still like to wear it nowadays to go to the bar to watch games or to go out with friends. In Retrorugby® we are passionate about mixing fashion and sports history so you can dress with style and be the most original during the third half.

Rugby and football were born as siamese twins who split up in the 19th century. Each British school had its way of playing and its rules. The separation of rugby and football was generated from the project of unification of the rules. The founding moment of rugby took place in the city of Rugby in Warwickshire. William Webb Ellis, a student of theology, took the ball with his hands in a football game, giving rise to the theoretical foundational fact. A plaque in the city reminds him with the following text: "This stone commemorates the exploit of William Webb Ellis who with a fine disregard for the rules of football as played in his time first took the ball in his arms and ran with it thus originating the distinctive feature of the rugby game. A.D. 1823»

Thus arose the famous phrase that defines both sports: "Rugby is a thug’s game played by gentlemen and football is a gentleman’s game played by thugs".

Here at Retrorugby® we commemorate this story with our collection of vintage rugby polo shirts from Six Nations teams:

England 1910 vintage rugby shirt:

In 1910 the first series of what we know today as the Six Nations, at that time the Five Nations, was played. France was included in the Home Nations Championship (which had already played 28 editions).

England, the Red Rose team, won the first 5 Nations tournament in which 10 matches were played between January 1 and March 28, 1910. England won all their matches except a 0-0 draw with Ireland (a result which is difficult to see in the current rugby).

Polo de Rugby Inglaterra 1910England Vintage Rugby Shirt

Scotland 1925 vintage rugby shirt:

The Thistles were the tournament's revelations in 1925 Five Nations. They managed to beat all their rivals led by Johnnie Wallace who was able to go all the way against each rival of Scotland. That achievement took 58 years to repeat in the 5 Nations tournament.

Scotland national team nickname "The Thistles" owes this denomination to the Scottish national symbol. At the level of the Tartan (the mythical checked plaid) the thistle is on the emblem of the Scottish rugby team. The origin of the thistle as a national symbol dates back to times of clans and conquests. The legend tells that Scottish warriors who slept pleasurably got rid of the Nordic invaders because they stepped on a thistle and issuing a cry that woke the Scots.

Our Scotland rugby polo shirt faithfully reproduces the 1925 model, with the Thistle symbol larger than the current one and with the blue colors of the Scottish team. It is a 100% cotton product of high quality, with a very dense grammage and manufactured in Europe.

Polo Rugby Escocia

Scotland Vintage rugby Shirt

Ireland 1926 vintage rugby shirt:

Our retro rugby polo from Ireland reproduces the model of the team in 1926. In that edition of the Five Nations Ireland was in first position tied with Scotland. Ireland became independent from the United Kingdom in 1921, resulting in 3 states represented in the tournament.

The symbol of the Shamrock usually represents green Ireland. Its conception goes back to the time of St. Patrick, when he tried to explain the Holy Trinity to the Celts. Seeing himself in difficulty, he took a shamrock from the ground and explained to them that just as three leaves came from a trefoil stem, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit were one. To celebrate Saint Patrick's Day the Irish fill their cities and pubs with Irish shamrocks. It is also considered a symbol of good luck, if you find the four leaf clover.

Retro rugby shirt from Ireland, in green with the shamrock emblem on the chest. High quality product manufactured in Europe.

Polo Rugby Irlanda

Ireland vintage rugby shirt

Wales 1976 vintage rugby shirt:

To represent Wales in this rugby fashion selection we have selected our Wales rugby polo from the 70s. That was a prodigious decade for Welsh rugby players. From the period of 1969 to 1979 Wales was able to win 8 editions of the 5 Nations tournament, also winning 5 Triple Crowns and 3 Grand Slams.

Wales had legendary players like JPR Williams, Gareth Edwards, Geral Davies or Barry John who led the red dragons in the five nations and also took the lead of the British Irish lions in their tours against teams from the southern hemisphere.

This red rugby polo shirt with white collar faithfully reproduces the model that was worn by those mythical rugby players in the 70s. High quality product, impress your mates during the third half.

Polo rugby Gales

Wales vintage rugby shirt

Polo de rugby Francia 1924:

To represent Les Blues in this Vintage rugby fashion selection we have selected our polepolo shirt of the year 1924. That was a special year for France since the eighth Olympic Games of the modern era were held in Paris.

The French rugby team competed in the tournament wearing this blue polo with the emblem with the Gallic rooster embroidered large size. France played the final against the champions of 1920, the United States team. Actually it was a tournament played between three teams (USA, France and Romania) as the teams from the British islands decided not to participate. In fact, the American team was made up of players exclusively from California.

The final was played at the mythical stadium of Colombes in Paris and the United States won by 17 to 3 to France in front of more than 50,000 French fans. It was the first time that a country won two golds by teams consecutively and this record lasted to the United States almost 100 years. Rugby (actually Rugby sevens) was accepted again as an Olympic sport in the Rio de Janeiro games of 2016.

As for the 1924 Five Nations, this was won by England who also won the Grand Slam, the triple crown and the Calcutta Cup.

France 1924 vintage rugby shirt

France vintage rugby shirt

Final Rugby Juegos Olímpicos 1924

Rugby Juegos Olímpicos 1924 - Francia 3  Estados Unidos 17