Coronavirus release

Dear customers, dear #retrofootballers!

We are living difficult times in the United Kingdom and in Europe. In the heart of England and Europe, where football and rugby were born; where these sports are the engine of many feelings and emotions, life in society and sports have stopped.

At Retrofootball® and Retrorugby® we hope you can go through the crisis created by the Coronavirus. We will be living difficult weeks, months, but we are convinced that we are going to win this match. We will have to cooperate with each other to overcome this situation and support our doctors and health personnel so that they can save our patients.

For us as a company, a tsunami has gone through us. We had many new initiatives for 2020 (opening of a physical store, opening of new markets, etc) and all of this has come to a sudden stop. We understand this has happened to all of us and we need to stop these dreams for now until we are able to recover.

At Retrofootball® we are willing to survive to continue fulfilling the mission that we had set ourselves as a company that is none other than inspiring people by reviving football legends. We are going to do this by keeping our store open so that you can surprise your loved ones with legendary shirts and we will continue sharing interesting content on our retroblog and on our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) as always.

We believe that sharing our passion for vintage football is something that will all help us to distract ourselves a little and feel less alone in these uncertain times.

Very important: at Retrofootbal®l and Retrorugby®, in collaboration with GLS and DHL, we have ensured that shipments are made with the usual speed. If there are changes we will inform you. Likewise, we have taken all measures to make the shipment safe, both for you and for the delivery man. Remember to keep the safety distance when the package arrives.

Finally, we kindly ask you to follow the instructions to contain the expansion of coronaviru, we need to be responsible; and let's try to make the best of this exceptional situation!

A big support to #retrofootballers / #retrorugbiers and lots of energy from our team! Remember that who dares win!

The Retrofootball® / Retrorugby® team